​​​​​Brynn was the Massage Therapist for 3 days at the The Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Suite at the Luxe Hotel Beverly Hills in February 2015. She will be there again this year for the 20th Anniversary. 

Here is one of the write-ups about her work there.


I began the day with a very relaxing full-body massage by Brynn Cannon. Boy, did I need it! I only hope that I didn’t wear her out for the rest of the day, with my incredible knots! She said that she learned her craft in Maui, which tells me she knows a thing or two about relaxing!

                              ~  Karen Salkind at www.ItsNotAboutMe.TV

Other Testimonials 

You are amazing! 

                                ~ Lynn N.  Hollywood

Magic hands! 

                                    ~ Danielle B.  Venice, CA 

I love how intuitive you are! 

                         ~ Keith R.  Maui

       I will definitely recommend you to my friends.                                        ~ Susie D.  Palm Desert


              This is just what I needed after work.                                                ~Jack D.  Los Angeles

                   The best massage I every had!                                                         ~ John V.  Hailey, Idaho

                        Strong Hands, Soft Touch                                                          ~ Lois A.  Beverly Hills


Marvelous Massage


​Brynn Cannon 

     Brynn Cannon has been a massage therapist for 20 years. Her career began when she would work on family and friends for free before ever taking a lesson. Everyone loved her work and how intuitive she is. After her training in Maui she was Nationally Certified for 8 years, Licensed in two states, and is now CAMTC Certified in California.  

     She has worked with private clients at their homes, in hotels and day spas, at Poker tournaments, and at corporate events in Maui, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Swedish, Lomilomi and Deep Tissue are some of the modalities she does.